Free Art For All - Christmas Ornaments in Chalk and Watercolor


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Christmas Ornaments in Chalk and Watercolor


We refer to the lesson featuring painting on a sweatshirt.

Click here to refer to that lesson. 

In that lesson we painted a pine tree branch with ornaments in acrylics on a colored sweatshirt.  Now we will take what we learned last week and apply it to paper using chalk and watercolor.



  1. Green construction paper
  2. Mungyo Pastel Chalk
  3. Papermate mechanical pencil
  4. Generalpencil kneaded eraser
  5. Tombow dual brush pen in gray
  6. Strathmore 140# watercolor paper
  7. Watercolor paint brushes
  8. Daniel Smith Art Supplies watercolor paints
  9. Clean water
  10. Paper towels
  11. KrylonCanada Matt finish clear coat 
  12. Salt
  13. Winsor & Newton White Gouache
  14. Prismacolor Watercolor Pencil
  15. Sand Paper
  16. Cling wrap


We start with the green construction paper and chalk.  We pick 3 neighboring colors and white.  Decide where the dark is and in the opposite side put the lightest color with the medium shade in the middle.  The whole ball does not need to be filled in.  Blend with your finger and add a white highlight.  Put in 3-4 “balls”.  Pick 3 shades of green and 1 brown.  Decide where the tree branch is and put it in with the brown chalk.  Add the “pine needles” with the greens. When finished spray with Krylon finish spray.


On the watercolor paper draw four circles.  We use the wet into wet method to create the washes inside the circles.   On 1 circle I topped it with salt.  One circle had water spots added.  One circle had watercolor pencil shavings made with an emery board added.  The last circle was topped off with cling wrap.  After the ornaments are dry add the pine tree branch.  I demonstrated how to make brown with green and red. Finish with the pine needles.


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