Free Art For All - Painting a Christmas Sweatshirt

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We use our painting skills by designing a holiday sweatshirt to wear to you next party! We will be concentrating on Christmas Lights and ornaments. We used a dark green Hanes sweatshirt that had been washed in detergent but NO fabric softener then dried in the dryer (This is important because there is a finish put on the shirt by the manufacturer that may repel the paint. Fabric softener also acts as a paint repellent. You can use regular detergent and fabric softener for future washings. ). Make sure to try on your shirt before you go to the trouble of painting on it.
1. Hanes 50/50 Cotton blend sweatshirt in dark green
2. Golden Artist Colors in white, pearlescent, yellow, blue, red, green, purple and orange.
3. Large and small “stiff and short bristle” brushes
4. Painters tape
5. Stiff cardboard to insert in-between shirt layers
6. Paper plate pallet
We insert the cardboard to make a firm painting base. Using the painters tape you tape the arms down so that they do not end up in the paint. Make sure you are painting on the front of the shirt. Start by painting the light bulbs. Then paint the ornaments. Add the branches and finish with the pine needles. Go back and make the lights shine with the pearlescent paint.
Finally we “Set” the colors into the shirt with an iron.
Please share your work on social media #GazingThroughGlass