About The Artists


Making the broken beautiful, and the invisible, visible!


A mother to four and grandmother to a growing brood,
Sandy has always had a flair for the arts. She started
with oil painting before severe allergies forced her
into watercolor, but instead of being boxed in by one mode of expression, she continues to remain open as
a mixed media artist. Sandy saw how therapeutic and necessary glasswork became for Jaclyn (her oldest), and joined Jacki in creating unique glass pieces. Together, they create one-of-a-kind sparkling works of art - much of which is commissioned custom pieces designed to meet the needs of their growing clientele.



A Baylor graduate diagnosed at age 30 with RSD
after a fall from a ladder, Jaclyn was forced to give up
her career as a stem cell transplant nurse.
In addition to the RSD, she was diagnosed with 21+
diseases - many of which are rare and/or incurable – that all connect back to the RSD. Her life was turned upside down and she struggled to find a new purpose in life. Working with glass has helped her to push through the pain to create beauty from the broken glass, piecing together her life as she pieces together each new work of art. In January of 2020, she began learning both digital and non-digital lettering to add to her portfolio. This additional technology was quickly expanded to include learning how to edit the video art lessons for Sandy's grandkids during quarantine. With the new knowledge from the kids art videos, Jacki did something that Sandy tried to teach her many years ago. She picked up a watercolor brush and proved that anything is possible when you just try.