Free Art For All - Panda Bear Ornament


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Adult supervision is recommended.  We will build on the skills we used in Lesson 64 about making a snowman. The supply list is the same and we will be referencing the Build-A-Bear Workshop Panda Bear as our model. You will need the coins to make sure you stay within my sizing. Deviation from this size may result in a bear that will not bake correctly.
1. Sculpey III compound: black, red, green, white
2. Quarter
3. Dime
4. Small tools, I used metal nail file, flathead screwdriver, plastic knife, and various Pla-doh tools
5. 1 metal paperclip
6. Needle nose piers
7. 1 Wood toothpick cut into thirds
8. Oven preheated to 250 degrees
Starting with the main body. Using white sculpey work a ball that will fit inside the quarter. Keep it round. Using white again create the head, it fits inside the dime. Put the body and head together and use a small tool to make a nice joint. Next get the black nice and pliable and start making cones. (For more detailed instructions on using Sculpey please refer to Sculpting a Snowman. You will need 4 of them all roughly the same size. Flatten the large end and put aside until you have 4 of them. Using a small amount of green roll a small ball and then pinch to flatten. Make 4 of these. Take one of the green disks and press it into the flat part of the cone. Do this to all 4 cones. Take 2 of the cones and wrap them around the body to make the legs. Do the same with the arms. Add the nose, eyes and surrounding the eye. Small little beads will make the eyes and nose. Make a bow in red by making 2 small cones and 1 small ball. Fit the cones small tip to small tip and put the ball on top. Using your tools make sure all joints are smooth. Using the Needle nose pliers cut a small paper clip end and using the curve of the metal plant it into the top of the head so that when you look at it you cannot see through the opening.
Have fun and remember to post your bear with #GlazingThroughGlass
Bake at 250 for 30 minutes per 1/4” of diameter of largest ball. If your bear fits inside a quarter that is 2 hours in the oven.