Snowman Ornament

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Snowman Ornament

This lesson is all about making a Christmas Tree ornament.  We are making a snowman.  It is very basic sculpting.  We will be using circles, a quarter and a dime.  This lesson involves cutting the sculptey III compound, cutting the paper clip wire with needle nose pliers and using the oven.  Adult supervision or specific permission from a parent is highly recommended  



  1. Sculpey III compound: black, red, green, white
  2. Quarter
  3. Dime
  4. Small tools, I used metal nail file, flathead screwdriver, plastic knife, play-doh rolling pin
  5. 1 metal paperclip
  6. Needle nose piers
  7. 1 Wood toothpick cut into thirds
  8. Oven preheated to 275 degrees


We started by sketching in our Strathmore sketch pad what we wanted our snowman to look like.  Using the coins as guides, we could visualize the size out balls would need to be.  Sculpey needs to be pliable to work with.  To do this we warm it with our hands and knead it.  We talk about how to roll it between our hands to create a ball.  When we put the head on the body we put one of the 1/3 pieces of toothpick in the centers of the 2 balls to connect and stabilize them.  Then using your tools (I used the nail file) you smooth the joint together.  We made the hat next and again used a small part of the toothpick to keep them connected.  Decorate the hat with the holly and berries.  Put the eyes, nose and mouth on the snowman.  Make the scarf and drape it around the snowman’s neck (I did not tie the scarf on).  Put the arms on.  Finally, cut a portion of the paperclip to create the hanger and push it into the top of the hat.  Line a cookie sheet with parchment and place the snowman on it.  Place it In the oven bake at 275 for 1 hour.  Remove from oven **let it cool before touching it.   

*It is normal for there to be a slight odor while baking.


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