Stringy Puzzles

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Glass made stringers are incredibly small sticks of glass (1 mm).  Because of this fact, these strings of glass are more expensive by weight than a sheet of glass.  The artist arranges these 1 mm pieces of string glass to achieve the desired design.  Before you can work with these strings they have to go through a special firing  Now the artist has can have fun playing with the designs.  The glass strings are cut apart into strips or shapes.  They are fit back together to make the design that the artist envisions.  This is again fired in the kiln. The 1/4" glass plate comes out of the kiln with uneven edges that require hand sanding with diamond pads to polish the edges making everything smooth.  Now it is fired again into the shape or drape you want.  On a good day when the glass breaks well and and fits back together well these steps will take an artist 4-8 hours of actual artist time in addition to the 48-52  hours in the kiln. You now have a piece of art that is truly unique and beautiful.  

Stringy Puzzles is an experimental piece that measures  4" x 5".  Instead of having 1 layer of string strips this little dish has 2 layers of string strips all trying to work together to create a kaleidoscope of colors.