Pizza server collection

Pizza server collection

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This is one of those unique and never to be seen again sets of dishes.  It is always exciting when we make our own glass rather than cutting up a standard sheet of glass.  This homemade glass has patterns and attributes that can never be repeated.

18" x 5" Channel Server contains nearly 5 pounds of glass that was hand put together the melted together to create a one of a kind plate of glass. The resulting glass plate was then broken up and arranged together to make an 18" x 5" rectangle. More glass pieces were added to fill in that void area. This is a truly unique plate that can never be repeated. It is the perfect plate to serve your pizza or bread on and make a fun and festive dinner table setting. You will be the talk of the family.

8" x 8" sushi dish (Pizza Scramble) is made with the same colors as the Channel server.  The pieces left over from the channel server are then allowed to create "rivers" of color running throughout the dish.  The shiny black irid glass ties all the different colors together creating the perfect compliment to your Channel server.  This dish is NOT food safe.

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