A Winter Bridge in Glass

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The winter bridge started as a simple watercolor painting of a bridge holding its own against the wintery snow.  This painting tries to tell the story in as few strokes as possible. Even though it is cold and dreary there is still a little warmth in the world.  

Then Sandy decided to challenge herself and see if she could keep it simple and change the medium to glass and still see the Winter Bridge.  Using the setup that Jean Haines had provided she set out to paint it with glass powders and enamels on 3 separate layers of glass and then fuse them together to become 1 piece of glass.  This painting is 8" x 10" and will require a stand. 

This painting was done while attending Jean Haines Online Watercolor School. Even though Ms. Haines uses watercolors she has provided the subject and how it was arranged.  She has graciously asked that the proceeds from all paintings that mirror her paintings be donated to charity. She will be proud to know that The Jesuit Art Museum will benefit from her instruction.