The Fencepost Frit Painting

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The Fencepost, a painting done in glass actually began as a watercolor of a fictional place on a warm spring day. The challenge to recreate this by painting it in glass powders and pieces of glass was the next logical challenge.  The process of strategically placing each piece and color before firing it in the kiln is a precice process. This painting had 7 different layerings of glass and firing to high temperatures in the kiln before the artist felt it was the finished.  

The stand, its own custom creation, was designed to fit the glass and show it off to its best advantage.  The little flowers were hand pieced and fired as was the barbed wire.  The painting itself is 11.5" x 9" and displays 14" high 11.5" wide and 3" deep.  

The watercolor has been sold however the glass painting can be yours to display proudly.