Mark's Confirmation Cross

One of my most treasured requested pieces of glass is special request crosses. I make crosses for communion and confirmation remembrance.  You might ask yourself if you have ever seen anything like that.  Each cross is unique and tailored to the recipient and the occasion.  For the communicants I make small cross necklaces. These crosses are made with small pieces of colored glass and contains textures which is inspired by the child.  Once the crosses are caste they are hand polished and hung with either a leather strap, ribbon or chain.  

Confirmation crosses are made to hang on the wall with special attention given to the Saint chosen to be the patron.  I interview the confirmation student, I ask them who they chose as their patron and why.  It is amazing having this conversation with a teen, I get a sense of what attracted them to the saint and why they identify with them. After this conversation I begin my research on the saint and choose 3 attributes to include on the cross. This special attention allows each cross to be tailored to that saint and the confirmed.  

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Mark chose Saint Padre Pio.  Mark and I talked about Pio of Pietrelcina, a modern day saint canonized in 2002. Mark's favorite color was blue.  I now knew that I would be making a blue cross.  Now the research happens.  Padre Pio was not a healthy person.  His life was challenged by many health issues. Padre Pio was a staunch supporter of the rosary. In 1918 Padre Pio started exhibiting signs of the stigmata.  I now had 3 very visual symbols for the cross.