Free Art For All - Witches, Bats, Cats, and Cauldrons

We are concentrating on our drawing skills in our #Strathmore sketchbook. We talk about the process of #drawing through our observations of #BasicShapes with #Procreate on my iPad. We start by understanding our subject. We use stock photos from the internet, please do not search for pictures without your parents permission, for that reason feel free to use the stock photos in the video.
We start drawing the #cat using #squares, #parallelograms and #triangles. We take those same shapes and move on to the #witch. In order to be able to draw something it is helpful to actually know what it looks like. To draw a #bat you need to know how and why it is shaped the way it is. We are actually looking at how they are put together. Then we draw the bat. Then the #cauldron is discussed. We finish up by challenging you to use these figures and create a masterpiece. I used a simple pencil, General Pencil pastel chalk pencils and Mungyo pastel chalk.
Feel free to recreate my example or your own original. Please share your work in the comments, we are excite to see what you create! Feel free to also leave feedback, questions or obstacles you encounter.