Free Art For All - Tulip Greeting Card

Click here for the free art tutorial 

This lesson concentrates on using colored pencils to create a greeting card that is a great way to honor mom on Mother’s Day.  This lesson expands on the lesson talking about sketching tulips.  Click here to access that lesson.  We encourage you to try to sketch your own tulip but feel free to use the pencil sketch I have included if you want to do a tulip exactly like mine.  This lesson is concentrating on using colored pencils to complete your card. Included in this lesson will be a tutorial on how to trace the tulips, if you do not think you are up to drawing the tulips. 


  1. Pencil
  2. eraser
  3. Colored Pencils
  4. Card Stock paper


  1. Sketch or trace the pre-drawn tulip included.
  2. Each tulip is done individually 
  3. We talk about protecting your surface
  4. The accidental spot turns into a bee
  5. The final step is to “Burnish” the colors together.

Your card should be a work of art on its own.  It can befitted with an 8” x 10”  mat and framed.