Free Art For All - Throwing Paint


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Having Fun With Watercolor - Throwing paint 

In this video we will be doing what my family teasingly titles it “watch out Mom is throwing paint”.  The point of this video is to get comfortable with watercolors and the fact that you need water to make things happen.  



  1. Daniel Smith Watercolors
  2. Arches 140# watercolor paper.  Canson 140# watercolor paper and Strathmore 140# watercolor paper will also work with this lesson
  3. Salt (table salt, rock salt, salt flakes)
  4. Alcohol, Tequila even works if you cannot find alcohol in these Covid times
  5. Plastic wrap
  6. Old toothbrushes (do not use these to brush your teeth after you have painted with them)
  7.  Paper towel
  8.  Clean water (if you have a water softener it will affect the watercolors)


We begin by putting wet colors in opposite corners of the paper and letting them run into each other creating new colors and patterns.  At times we will then wait for the puddles to disappear and add salt, plastic wrap, or spots of color from the scattered by the toothbrush.  Pick colors that make you happy.  We finish by adding 3 colors on one piece of paper.  There is a great book called Paint Yourself Positive by Jean Haines #JeanHainesOnlineArtSchool that goes into more depth about colors.  When you complete the video you will have 3-5 paintings we call washes.  Keep them.  Some can stand alone as paintings and others you can use in future tutorials.