Free Art For All - Sugar Skull Rock Painting

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This video refers to our tutorial about Painting a Mandela design on a rock. You will need white acrylic paint Liquitex Artist Materials, Sharpie pens in assorted colors, Flat paint brush and Krylon Canada clear coat.  Using the same techniques of painting a smooth round rock we will create a Skull design and explain how a #SugarSkull is considered an art form in Latin America.  We plan our sugar skull in our Strathmore sketchbook while learning about the art of sugar skulls. 

The history of sugar skulls goes back to pre-historic times when they were considered as offerings to #Mictlantecuhtli god of the underworld to assure safe passage of souls to the land he ruled.  Christianity was introduced with the arrival Spanish missionaries, the skull tradition continued with Christianity.  We learned the Dia De Los Muertos is a Latin American holiday, also know as All Souls Day, celebrated on 11/2 in Latin America. 

You are also referred you to the Disney+ movie “Coco”,  now the students can understand the symbolism of marigold flowers, music, food, drinks and fiestas as it is celebrated today.