Free Art For All - Stickmen; A Good Foundation. Sculpture part 1 of 3

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Stick men; a good foundation.  

Some of us need to learn how to draw a stick man.  We start with the most basic tools of drawing; a line.  First you will need old magazines with people doing various activities in it.  I used a couple of Sports Illustrated magazines.  We start off my talking about the head and how it can be used as a method of measuring the correct proportions in a body. Using a marker we take the magazine picture and draw the basic stickman shape on top of the picture.  Next we draw that stickman shape in our sketchbook.

We get a more advanced stickman when we try to do action poses.  


We move on by making stickmen out of the image in the magazine.  We finish by having fun with stickmen and posing them in our sketchpads.  

Keep practicing your stickmen.  Instead of making mustaches on the pictures turn them all into stickmen.