Free Art For All - Stickmen; A Good Foundation

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Some of us need to learn how to draw a stick man.  We start with the most basic of drawing tools; a line.  A stickman needs does not need any embellishments to know that it is a stickman.  


  1. Pencil
  2. Eraser
  3. Pictures of people taken from magazines.  I used Time and Sports Illustrated.  These magazine pages will be written on.  Make sure you are using a magazine that you can tear apart.
  4. Strathmore sketchpad
  5. Sharpie


  1. Using a sharpie draw the stickman inside the action pictures.  Understand how they fit together and how to make sure you.  We need to look at proportions and be aware of how big they are in relation to the other body parts. 
  2. Once you are comfortable tracing over the photos in the magazines it is time to draw it in your sketchbook. 
  3. When you are comfortable doing stickmen standing still it is time to try action poses. 
  4. We finish by having fun with stickmen and posing them in our sketchpads.  Keep practicing your stickmen.  Instead of doodling mustaches on the pictures try to turn them all into stickmen. 

Practice making stickmen.  After you have the mastered making stickmen in the magazine and then stickmen on your sketchpad try to sketch out people you see in your world.