Free Art For All - Sketching - A Rose

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This lesson focuses on working on the skills needed to sketch a flower.  For more information about simple shapes go to .   For more information on how pencils are numbered and which number on the pencil that you should use go to . 

You need to start by understanding how a real flower is put together.  Look at the parts of the flower and see how sturdy or delicate it is, see how the petals fit together.  How many petals are there in a row, how many rows in a rose.  Understand the basic structure from the stem to the tip.  Then draw the basic shape ( square, circle, triangle….) you see.  After you have the basics drawn it is time to figure out where the shadows should be placed.  Using little triangles find those shadows.  The final part is putting it all together with the various shading techniques.  


  1. Derwent “H” pencil
  2. Strathmore sketchpad
  3. A Rose, or the picture of the rose that I have provided.  Feel free to copy this off and use it.

The only additional instruction necessary is to tell you to not press heavily on the pencil.  Your best sketching will happen if you apply layers of pencil rather than 1 heavy line.