Free Art For All - Sketching - A Cubist Perspective


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We start this lesson with a little lecture about pencils and what you can expect when you use them.  We have already learned about cubism; an art movement that took simple shapes to the next level.  In this lesson we will use 10 or more different perspectives of the same object and create an art piece on one piece of paper.  Cubism reminds me of a lot of people all shouting and saying the same thing but no-one is listening to each other.  The confusion itself becomes art.  This lesson uses @derwentartusa pencils.  We learned about the ratings on pencils and why they are there.  


  1. Derwent pencils
  2. Strathmore Sketchpad
  3. Kneaded eraser


  1. Study the goblet from different perspectives
  2. Draw at least 10 different perspectives  on the paper
  3. Shade in the different areas so that no 2 touching spots on the paper are the same.  

When you finish you will have a Cubism Drawing that you could easily frame.