Free Art For All - Realistic Trees

Realistic Tree

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Lesson 49.  Realistic Trees.  #Trees are a lot like #StickMen; we can draw a tree with a line and a circle and everyone knows what we are #drawing.  Many of us have not advanced beyond the line and circle tree. 

This lesson will focus on looking at the form of a tree and putting it down on paper.  I used the program #Procreate to illustrate how to draw and shade the trees.  We discuss how a tree grows, the root system, branches, twigs and #leaves.  We will be focusing on #autumn and using #FallColors. 

Thanks to the paint my photo website Paint My Photo we have excellent photos of real trees to work from; thank you Nicola B, Steve Lyddon, Franklin, Ed247 for the amazing photography.  We will be using our sketchpads Strathmore Artist Papers, pencils and Prismacolor #ColoredPencils.  To advance this lesson take a picture of your favorite tree and draw it.


  • Preschool-grade 1 : Do the stick trees but use a pencil eraser tip and dip it in either water color or acrylic paint to make the leaves.  Talk about the air needed between the leaves.


  • Grades 1-3 Draw a simple tree trunk with only the roots needing shading.  Put the leaves on it.