Free Art For All - Pumpkins and Ghosts

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We are doing a study of pumpkins.  Using a photo from Paint My Photo taken by Linda Willason we look at #pumpkins from different angles.  Sandy uses the  Procreate program to highlight the shapes and shadows hidden within the pumpkins.  We talk about the stems and how we also see them from different angles.  Next we get our General Pencil Company and Strathmore Artist Papers Sketchpad to draw the pumpkins.  With pastel chalk by Mungyo to shade the pumpkins and get a better understanding of how to create a realistic looking pumpkin.  


To do the art project included in the video you will need

   2 sheets of orange construction paper

   1 sheet of green construction paper 

   6” x 8” piece of yellow tissue paper

   Glue stick

   Scissors or Fiskars Detail Knife


Before Halloween we will be painting a #ghost on a wearable shirt.  In order to achieve success we need to #practice drawing ghosts on paper.  To do this you will need a black piece of dark or black construction paper and white chalk. 


It is  important to practice this ghost on paper as many times as it takes to make you feel comfortable before we move to painting it on a shirt. For this project you will need a black cotton sweatshirt or t-shirt, white acrylic paint and a stiff flat brush.


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