Free Art For All - Pumpkin Magic

Click here to view free video tutorial

We take our pumpkin skills to the next level. You will need jar, acrylic paint in orange red and yellow (we used Golden Acrylic Paint), 1” wide painters or masking tape, 24” of 3/8” thick ribbon, 48” raffia, a paint brush and a glue gun. Your jar needs to be empty, make sure all of the labels are off and the jar is cleaned with soap and water.  I used a jar for a 20 oz product.

We begin by cutting out the eyes, nose and mouth from the painters tape and putting it on the front of the jar.  Painting over the tape apply the orange paint in 2 coats giving it plenty of time to dry between coats. As explained in the video we use the technique called “double loading the brush” to paint the indents on the pumpkin.  When it is completely dry carefully remove the tape.  Using the yellow paint give the eyes, nose, and mouth 1 coat.  Let it dry.  Heat the glue gun and place a dot of glue on the lid area to hold the ribbon and raffia.  Detailed instructions are given for applying the Acrylic Sealer (we used Krylon) to seal the jar with 2-3 lights coats of spray.

To light the display I inserted a small battery operated tea light