Free Art For All - Painting a Ghostly T-Shirt

Painting a Ghostly T-Shirt.

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**We are painting on a T-shirt that you buy.  Try to get a T-shirt with at least 50/50 cotton blend in black or a dark color. Wash the t-shirt, using settings you plan to continue using.  DO NOT add fabric softener or dryer sheets to this wash.  Make sure the t-shirt is completely dry before starting this project.  

You will need @goldenartistcolors Golden Acrylic heavy body paint in white, orange, green, and pearlescent white.  @TulipColorCrafts Tulip 3D fabric paint - glittering confetti.  A short bristle 1/2-3/4” brush. Pastel Chalk pencil @generalPencil in white.  Your shirt will need a tight fitting cardboard insert between the two layers of fabric.  

We start by drawing our design onto our shirt.  When you have the design you want (I recommend your first shirt should look like mine) then start painting  from the top to the bottom of the shirt.  If you are timid just do the ghost.  This shirt must dry completely before we move on to the next step.  A video will be released explaining how to safely set the design into the shirt.