Free Art For All - Letters In Pop Art

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This week we prepare for making a comic strip by concentrating on the lettering necessary to write our narrative.
We will need
1. Fineline Staedtler markers
A markers
2. Pencil
3. Eraser
4. Artist Loft dual tip markers
5. Blank Guidesheet under Monoline Calligraphy Section of Loveleighloops free kids calligraphy course
We begin discussing what creating a comic strip entails. There is a lot of information on the web thanks to MasterClass.
. We talk about all of the different jobs required to create a good comic strip. First we start with a good story. I have chosen to write a story about a bee (Bumble) who is responsible for pollinating #TexasBluebonnets. I encourage your to write your own little story or feel free to follow along with me. In order to have a good comic strip we need to learn lettering. This process has already begun thanks to the Loveleigh Loops Facebook Community
. The importance of onomatopoeia is introduced, a list of helpful words is included at the end of the video. A personal alphabet guide is created. The significance of conversational boxes and how to design them is discussed. For further instruction on lettering check out “Artful Alphabets” by Joanne Sharpe or the free course by
Loveleigh Loops
Next lesson we will work on drawing and completing our comic strip.
Please post pictures of
1. The Alphabet chart you will be using for your comic stip
2. 5 illustrations of action words using Onomatopoeia
3. Design your conversational boxes to compliment the overall design of your comic strip