Free Art For All - Lettering - Journaling part 2

We are continuing our adventure into the art of journaling.  In the last lesson cut apart old magazines, stickers, ad flyers and anything with words on it to create our pages.  We then organized the words and phrases into categories, some of the sets of words were put aside and others were used on the page we worked on.  If I were actually journaling my thoughts I would arrange the words on the pages that I needed and glue them down instead of putting them aside for the next week.  Since each video session concentrates on a theme I have started each lesson with a new page.  


  1. Empty Spiral notebook, Empty Journal Book, Blank notebook pages enclosed in a notebook (although this last method makes it too easy for you to tear things out).
  2. Uniball signo gel pens to decorate in various colors
  3. Uniball Signo blue pen to write with
  4. Scissors
  5. Old magazines that will be cut apart
  6. Your own drawings cut up to fit into the journal
  7. Various stickers, I do encourage you to make your own stickers
  8. Glue stick, Ad tech Dot glue Runner (Elmers glue can be used but will have a tendency to make the paper buckle)
  9. Washi tape, for decorative purposes


  1. Journals do not need to be entirely filled in before you move on to your next page.  By having the pages arranged in “chapter-like” groups we are able to continue to add to our writings and thoughts.  
  2. We begin by looking over the journal page that we did last lesson.  You can make additions and changes at any time. This could be a check list or bucket list for yourself
  3. Start organizing your next spread.  Ours is entitled “Commit to Success”.  The new school year will be starting and we are working on ways to organize ourselves making a successful school year possible.  We can use this journal to set goals for our school year.    
  4. We leave space by using stick it notes.  Since we come back to this page week after week it can get a bit of a nightmare to figure out what comes next.  We talk about directing your thoughts with arrows, hearts, stamps or stickers.  Be creative, you can doodle your way through your page.   

In this lesson we have learned how to use directional arrows to follow and make a path to our thoughts on paper.  Please remember that your journal is very personal to you.  Make yourself happy when you write in it.  We will do one more video on journaling.  We are grateful to have you following us at Gazing Through Glass and our final journal spread will feature Gratitude.