Free Art For All - Journaling part 3

We are finishing up our adventure into the art of journaling.  During the first 2 sessions we talked about planning and preparing ourselves to start a journal.  If you are working in a journal all of these different videos that have been presented could be done at the same time.   For the purpose of the film’s organization we have broken this process into page sections and filmed each one individually.  Our last page spread will be concentrating on “Gratitude”.   

Give yourself a few minutes to reflect anytime you open your journal.   According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a journey is "the travel or passage from one place to another". We use our journal to record this "trip". It does not have to be a get up and go trip.  It can be our "journey" through life.


  1. Empty Spiral notebook, Empty Journal Book, Blank notebook pages enclosed in a notebook (although this last method makes it too easy for you to tear things out).
  2. Uniball signo gel pens to decorate in various colors
  3. Uniball Signo blue pen to write with
  4. Scissors
  5. Old magazines that will be cut apart
  6. Your own drawings cut up to fit into the journal
  7. Various stickers, I do encourage you to make your own stickers
  8. Glue stick, Ad tech Dot glue Runner (Elmers glue can be used but will have a tendency to make the paper buckle)
  9. Washi tape, for decorative purposes


  1. When you open your journal, take a moment to glance through the pages you have written.  It is best to know where you have come from before you decide where to go.
  2. We used the words and phrases we had already cut out and glued them into place leaving enough space to enter our thoughts.  
  3. There are times when you just cannot find stickers saying exactly what you want.  We have included a sheet of "stickers" that Jacki made on the IPad in Procreate to fit our needs.  We encourage you to do this too. You can even take a piece of paper and make hand drawn stickers that you will cut out and paste the same way.  

Your journal is off to a great start!  Your journal follows your perspective therefore it is unique to you. This is your way to organize your life and feelings.  If you need weekly or daily calendars you can create it here!  Organize your thoughts and feelings here, use this as your safe place.  This is the perfect place to keep your notes together if you need to plan an upcoming event or assignment.  Your journal is your journey.  Make it a great one.