Free Art For All - Halloween Spiders and Webs

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Lesson 51.  Fall is here and so are the ScarySpiders with those IntricateWebs.  This lesson will look at a picture by Bonnie Sitter, of an intricate spider web and talk about the way to draw it. 

We do a practice sketch in our Strathmore sketchpad.  You will need Pastel Chalk or plain white chalkboard chalk and black construction paper.  Cut off 1/2” x 8” from the black paper and put it aside.  Draw the web, I did not use a pencil drawing, I used the white chalk to make the lines.  Put the web aside. 

Next comes the spider, thanks to Robert Carter.  We talk about the shapes in the spider and draw it on our sketch pad.  We color it with the pastel chalk, or you can use colored pencils or crayons or markers. 

We talk about scissor safety and if you are under 8 years of age you need an adult with you.  Cut out the spider.  Take 1/2” x 4” of the black strip and make accordion fold.  Glue one end to the spider web and the other end of the strip to the spider. 

Put something heavy on it and let it sit for 20 minutes.  Hang it up and get ready to scare your friends.

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