Free Art For All - Comic Strip in Pop Art , Part 2 or 2

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Comic Strips, part 2 of 2.  Last week we planned out the frames and storyline for our comic strip.  We created the layout and sectioned our story into frames.  This week we need to draw the illustrations, ink the illustrations and color the illustrations.  



  1. Mechanical pencil 
  2. Strathmore sketch pad
  3. Kneaded Eraser 
  4. Colored fine liners 
  5. Medium tip black brush pen
  6. Prismacolor colored pencil
  7. Alphabet we created in Lesson 58
  8. Usborne Write and Draw Your Own Comics 

We talk about drawing the bee, car and flowers.  We have to be consistant with our bee and car.  The bee in each frame needs to look like it is the same as the others.  We look at the flowers we have and pick 3 colored pencils that will work together.  

If you were in a place that makes comic strips you would send your story to the artist, the inker, and the colorer.  The last thing you have to do is sign it.  We used the comic strips Snoopy and Garfield to illustrate this.  We end by talking about “artistic license”.  We all know that bees do not look like our bee.  We know that bees do not pollinate with blue pollen.  The point here is that we are master of our universe.  It is our story and therefore we can make the rules.