Free Art For All - Comic Strip in Pop Art, Part 1 of 2


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Comic Strips- Part 1 of 2.  This week we talk about how to put a comic strip together.  We use our lettering guide and conversational box designs from Lesson 58 to lay out our comic strip.  


In this lesson we used:

  1. Mechanical pencil 
  2. Strathmore sketch pad
  3. Kneaded Eraser
  4. Colored fine liners  
  5. Medium tip black brush pen 
  6. Ruler
  7. Note paper
  8. Alphabet we created in Lesson 58
  9. Situational Boxes designed in Lesson 58


I researched comic strips and found that Master Class is a great resource for many topics.  This was my first try at constructing a comic strip.  We needed a good storyline, I chose to write about Blue (a bumble bee).  I used thematic situation boxes to narrate Blue’s struggles in pollinating bluebonnets.  Feel free to use my story in your comic.  There are 6 frames and we talked about how to decide how large each frame should be and the most important picture that would go in that frame.  We then laid out the frames putting the situational boxes with the storyline on the paper. Take your time with the writing.  If your writing is not legible the comic strip will fail. We ended by encouraging you to practice your drawing skills of bees, poppies, bluebonnets, cars, and beehives.  These are all pictures that we will draw in our frames next week.  If you are doing a different story make sure to practice your illustrations before drawing it on your comic strip.


Please use a hash tag #GazingThroughGlass when posting your work in the comments below.  Feel free to leave comments and questions.  I can’t wait to see what your comic strips look like.