Free Art For All - Beyond Basic Stickmen - Planning The Sculpture


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  1. Pencil
  2. Sharpie
  3. Eraser
  4. A doll or stuffed animal that you can pose
  5. Strathmore sketchpad


  1. Pose the stuffed animal in different poses
  2. Draw the stickman in your sketchpad representing your poses

In this lesson we will advance from making a stickman drawing by using a stuffed animal to draw the basic shape of a stickman. We talk about the proportions needed to make the stickman body compare to a human body.   Use your sketchbook to do your planning.  That way you will always have a reminder of how you created your sculpture.  Thanks to our model, Grover monster, who we can move him around and draw stickmen in a pose that will eventually be our sculpture.  The key to a successful sculpture is a firm base.  Your sculpture will have to be able to sit on a tabletop without a prop.  

We finish up the lesson with a reminder of using simple shapes in our sketching.  I chose to sketch an ink pen and talked about how I would draw it and shade it.