Free Art For All - Autumn Leaves in Watercolor


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Lesson 50.  #AutumnLeaves in Watercolor. 

We talk about how the leaves change color in the fall.  We create a collage of watercolor leaves with a couple of acorns thrown into our mix.  While creating our leaves I expand on the use of watercolors-covering “dropping” color, washes, shadows, and paper types.  Using different paper than what  I am using will give you different results. I talk about the differences between Arches Watercolor 140 lb Cold Pressed Paper and Strathmore Series 400 Watercolor Paper. 


While using Daniel Smith Artist Watercolors, I paint the same leaf on both papers.  I then show you the differences when drying the leaf with a hair dryer and letting it air dry.  We use photos from the website paint my photo,, we can get some very good quality details to illustrate the leaves.  I would like to thank our photographers Systrella, Mary Anne Kieran, Len Swanson, Becky Barnes, Bonnie Sitter and Jaclyn Drexel for such beautiful reference photos to work from.