Free Art For All - Pop Art Of Andy Warhol


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This month we will be studying Pop Art.  Pop Art is the art movement coming from the United States and the United Kingdom starting mid 1950’s.  This genre included images from our everyday life, advertising, comic books and mass produced cultural objects.  Today we focus on Andy Warhol (1928-1987).  His Campbell Soup Can (1962) and his Brillo Box made him famous.  We mention his New York studio The Factory and his inspired phrase "15 minutes of fame".  Research was conducted using The Warhol Museum,

We will need a 

  1. Campbell Soup can to be our model
  2. Strathmore sketch book
  3. Pencil and ruler
  4. Artist Loft dual tip markers
  5. Sharpie Paint Pen in Metallic gold or silver
  6. Tombow waterbased Gray dual tip pen (We will use this more next video)
  7. Staedtler fineliner marker pen for very detailed work

We begin the project by drawing the can.  If you are advanced go ahead and try drawing the top of the can too.  We talk about proportions and getting all of the can’s features in the correct place.  We finish it off with the markers and applying the color correctly.