Basics of Watercolor - Paper

Basics of Watercolor Paper

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You have watched a video and seen someone using watercolors.  You know you can do it and want to try.  Then you go to the store to buy the supplies, suddenly you realize that you know nothing about the products themselves!  The next 3 tutorials will cover the basic information you will need to make good decisions.  


Supplies demonstrated:

  1. Canson 140# watercolor paper
  2. Master Touch 140# watercolor paper
  3. Strathmore Series 4 watercolor paper
  4. Arches 140# watercolor paper
  5. Natural hair Watercolor paint brush
  6. DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, or any watercolors
  7. Water


We start by explaining what 140 pound paper means.  We do the same color exercises on the 4 different papers and note the ways each paper reacts.  I have received feedback that some people who try my watercolor videos are struggling in learning the techniques I teach.  They seem to struggle with unpredictable results. 

It is important to know that technique alone will not ensure the same results. You material choice can also change the outcome of a painting.  This video is not intended to endorse any one particular paper or product.  It is merely a guide for you to understand the supplies you are using. 

By learning the steps I use to test out the paper you are seeing the way you should evaluate your tools. As a Watercolor artist, I test any new product and note the ways it works. This video teaches you how to pick the paper you need to enjoy your watercolor journey.