Easy Watercolor Bookmark Project

Stunning and unique "watercolor" bookmarks that are easy enough to make for kids and the do not even require watercolor paint! You can take any water based marker (your kids washable markers or water based art markers) to create beautiful watercolor bookmarks that will elevate your calligraphy or art design to the next level.

Here is what you will need:

  • Watercolor paper (or equivalent heavy paper that is meant for the water)
    • I used Canson XL 140 lb Cold-Press
  • Water based markers or watercolor paint
    • I used Tombow Dual Brush Water Based Brush Pen (Kids washable markers will work as well)
  • Washi or painters tape
  • Paint Brush
  • Clean water
  • Supplies to finish personalizing your design (what I used)
    • Pencil to sketch my design/lettering
    • Black Staedtler Fine Liner pens (varied sizes)
    • Krink 2mm Silver/Chrome K-42 paint marker
    • Uniball Light Grey Uni Brush Pen

 Helpful tips are included in the video! The colors were inspired by his love of the Kansas City Chiefs and the blues and greens were because this amazing kid is all about the dinosaurs! I had never heard of his favorite Dinosaur, the therizinosaurus, but I did my best and included one of mine from The Land Before Time (Petrie).

Here is a photo of the finished bookmarks. I hope that it will give him something special to remind him how amazing he is every time this little bookworm opens his books to read!

Watercolor Bookmark Projects

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