Calligraphy Drill Hot Air Balloon

Jacki was working on consistency and control of her brush pen when she decided to make a page that did not require the focus to be on the letterform. Once a person is freed of expectations, the goal of this page (and others that will be shared), is to let a person experiment freely and learn the specific tool a person is using. This free "play time" does not come with the pressure of making mistakes or not doing it correctly. Instead it encourages a person to explore what that tool has the ability to do. Having this knowledge will better equip someone to predictably replicate the desired effect on command when it fits with the vision of the art they happen to be creating at the time. 

I would love to see what you chose to fill the page with by tagging me on instagram @GroversWarrior or on Facebook @GazingThroughGlass


This is the first version Jacki created.... surprised by the inconsistencies, she will likely be printing it again and practicing more!



Click here to download and print your own blank version to practice with and please tag us when you share it!

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