Butterfly and Flowers Calligraphy Drills

Jacki created a second version of the worksheets to "get to know your tool" with freedom and permission to play and experiment! Some of the shapes are loosely based on shapes that create the fundamental strokes, some are flourishing shapes, and others are just lines with the intention of consistent up or down strokes!


We would love to see what you are creating as you play and experiment. Are you having any "ah hah moments" or self realizations that you have stumbled upon? If you would like more options or have ideas for things that could be fun, send me a message or leave a comment so she can put procreate to good use and make you more!

You can find Jacki on instagram @GroversWarrior or through our Facebook @GazingThroughGlass where we would love to hear your feedback and have you tag us with your creations!

Here is the version Jacki did:

Click here to view the downloadable/printable blank PDF for you to use as your canvas!

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