3" x 5" Fused Glass Snowflake Blank Cards

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3" x 5" blank notecards with fused glass affixed to the center are perfect to send as greeting or holiday cards. Affix a magnetic strip to the back and use it as a magnet, or detach the glass from the card as a keepsake. We have also had customers tell us that the recipient framed the card to hang on a wall as art or as the perfect room accent. Why would anyone give JUST a card when they can also gift a keepsake memory at the same time? 

 *Frame in photo is an "example only" and NOT INCLUDED in the sale. The card was inserted into the 3" x 5" frame with the glass removed. No additional materials were needed.

Please contact us if you would like to place a bulk order to use for your holiday cards or any special occasion. Availability will be dependent on the number of orders we have received and the date you need them by at the time you contact us.